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Rain on my parade

Or at least on my warm weather. The high today is 70F but it's rainy and we're supposed to get thunderstorms later on.

On the other hand, 70F.

Anah and I are cooking up the last little bits of planning for a new novella, and then—in a new experiment in our writing process—we're going to start writing that simultaneously with Ternion.

This is the year of process experiments.

Our experiment with the The Weekend Novelist process, documented on our Write To Work blog, has felt mostly successful so far, so we're incorporating the aspects we've found useful into our regular process.

We've split up our associated writing duties a bit more. Anah will write the synopses, I'll do the queries. She'll do the edits, I'll do the proofs and galleys.

But we also know that in order to be productive we both need to be working on something at all times (or we end up getting lost on the internet while we wait for each other to finish). So we're now experimenting with working on two projects at once, in the hopes that while one person is writing a piece of one project, the other person can be writing on the other project.

I'm hopeful it's going to work for us. We'll find out soon enough!