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Sunshine and long weekends

 There's a cat sleeping on my desk and Anah and I have two novels in edits right now. She's working on a deceptively simple change to the backstory and plotline for Runaway Star and I'm working on the edits for Pit Road. While these are both technically reprints, neither one is quite as easy as all that.

We're better writers now than we were when these stories were originally published, and we have clearer ideas of where we want to go with them. Fortunately, our editors are willing to indulge us as we tear things apart and put them back together.

I'm beginning to realize that's one of the most important features of a good editor--not just someone who knows a good story when they see it and how to make said story the best it can be, but also someone who is willing to trust their authors to do more, go farther, and dig deeper than the requested edits call for... They're running the risk of getting back something they don't love as much as the original, but I know the changes Anah and I are making (well, right now mostly Anah) will make the story stronger.
The Fox

This is even on my to-do list...

...and yet I still managed to not do it. Anah and I have been crazy busy lately. Wrapping up a proposal, writing Ternion, editing Runaway Star, and a whole host of other tasks that are associated with those things.

Our latest book is out now, though, from Amber Allure. All Work and No Play is a short story about a workaholic and his freespirited lover and the vacation they almost don't get to take together. It's the first in a new series, Dear Lake, Michigan, all set in and around the fictional resort town of Dear Lake. 

It's also the free book today at Reviews by Jessewave.
The Fox

Running Behind

But things are getting done!

If you're not on our newsletter list, you missed out on some spiffy announcements yesterday:

We've already shared that Carina Press will be publishing Runaway Star and in the process allowing us to restart our planned Pandora Project series. We've also got a new editor at Carina, the fantastic Deb Nemeth, who has already given us some great ideas for how to make Runaway Star a stronger, more engaging story.

And our super-spiffy editor at Samhain, Anne Scott, has accepted Pit Road, the series of short stories we've rewritten as a novel. We're looking forward to working with her on it to make it the best story it can be.

What else? This coming Sunday (June 19), All Work and No Play will be released from Amber Allure, kicking off our new Dear Lake, Michigan short story series. I'm finishing up going over the galley right now (you knew I had to be procrastinating on SOMETHING to be writing this post, right?).

I've started a new job, and my schedule is completely different, so we're still settling into a new writing schedule. Which is why there was a gap in the Write to Work posts. But we've gotten started on that again, thanks to Anah.

...I think that's it.
The Fox

It's here! Trammel Release Day! (AND MORE!)

The second book in the Foundations of Magic series is finally here! Trammel is, according to our amazing editor, "emotional, action-packed, high-stakes urban fantasy."

And it's on sale right now for 30% off from Samhain.

Neither love nor magic comes without cost.

In the relative security of Atlantic City, Lindsay feels safe for the first time in his life. He and Dane even sneak away from their mage “family” for the occasional date.

All that ends with the arrival of Noah, whose magic is a pure, wild fire fueled by terrible grief over the loss of his wife. To Lindsay’s great surprise, he is assigned to be Noah’s mentor, protector and healer. Of course, his efforts to help Noah master his immense power aren’t without a few fiery slip-ups.

Just as Lindsay is rising to the challenge, word comes that Moore, the scientist who once imprisoned Lindsay, holds a young girl who has manifested a powerful new magic. The desperate mission to free her leaves Noah severely wounded, Dane captured…and Lindsay in charge of those who remain.

The fate of Dane and the lives of the family rest on Lindsay’s untested shoulders. He must trust in himself and his growing connection to Noah to save his lover, his friends, and everyone else who will suffer if Moore’s plans go unchecked.

* * *

And Trammel isn't the only great new book out today. Deconstruction by Kit Zheng is out now from Aspen Mountain Press. This book is seriously fantastic. I've been waiting for it to be released for two years so I could tell everyone how amazing it is!

If you like your contemporary romances dark and gritty and wrenching, this is the book for you.

Here's the blurb from Aspen Mountain Press:

Escort Tomas and homicide detective Vic have been together three years and expect many more--until Vic's case, a string of hustler murders, hits too close to home. While Vic grows more tense and distant, Tomas finds himself increasingly tangled in the erotic games of a client, Jon, who plays on Tomas's most secret needs. When the killer strikes at the club where Tomas works as a dancer, everything spins into a dizzying mix of sex and love, miscommunication and murder.

You can find it here!
The Fox

Party Time!

Yesterday was quite possibly the best day ever! I got a job offer I've been waiting on (my current position was set to end in mid-June and I've been job hunting for months) AND we got a contract offer for... well, I'll tell you that after the contract's signed. :)

But I do have another bit of good news I can finally fill you in on. Carina Press will be publishing the (much-revised) re-issue of Runaway Star, thus re-launching our Pandora Project series. Watch this space (and the site) for updates as we have them. The site will be getting revamped this weekend as Anah and I move forward with our plans for the series.

The Fox

Plans Change

Well, no planting for me. I should've done my nails. ;) There was a frost advisory last night, so it would've destroyed anything I put in the ground. My partner has kindly pointed out that there's likely to be a few more of those frost warnings over the next week or so, so I should wait it out before planting a garden.

It's a lovely day, though. Sunshine and blue skies. Anah and I are getting work done on both Ternion and a new novella. Fun stuff!
The Fox

So much to do...

...and actually there's plenty of time for it. But sometimes it doesn't feel that way. You know how that goes?

Anyway, things are going pretty well. Anah and I have finished all the planning work for a new novella, and we've started writing that and Ternion (again, in Ternion's case).

We're also working on Write to Work, our blog project where we're writing a novel using a new system (one we're liking so much that we're using it for the novella I mentioned above). And an interview for Joyfully Reviewed. And we just finished up the edits for a new short story that's been accepted by Amber Allure.

And and and. *laugh* Oh, and I just wrapped up the May newsletter, which will go out on Sunday. If you're not already signed up, and want to be, you can do so here.

It's also time for me to start thinking about planting veggies for the year. Tomatoes again and basil and mint in a pot on the back deck so it doesn't spread through my entire garden again. Maybe some oregano or bell peppers. Yum. My garden is tiny, but I love it.

I had been thinking of doing my nails last night, but today, realizing that I want to do some planting this week, I'm glad I didn't!
The Fox

Rain on my parade

Or at least on my warm weather. The high today is 70F but it's rainy and we're supposed to get thunderstorms later on.

On the other hand, 70F.

Anah and I are cooking up the last little bits of planning for a new novella, and then—in a new experiment in our writing process—we're going to start writing that simultaneously with Ternion.

This is the year of process experiments.

Our experiment with the The Weekend Novelist process, documented on our Write To Work blog, has felt mostly successful so far, so we're incorporating the aspects we've found useful into our regular process.

We've split up our associated writing duties a bit more. Anah will write the synopses, I'll do the queries. She'll do the edits, I'll do the proofs and galleys.

But we also know that in order to be productive we both need to be working on something at all times (or we end up getting lost on the internet while we wait for each other to finish). So we're now experimenting with working on two projects at once, in the hopes that while one person is writing a piece of one project, the other person can be writing on the other project.

I'm hopeful it's going to work for us. We'll find out soon enough!
The Fox

Well, it's better than it was yesterday!

The weather is still rainy and gray and cold, but not as bad as yesterday (or Monday). I'll take it.

Let's see... Yesterday, Anah saw a submissions call and proposed another novella project. Which means our schedule got shuffled. *laugh*

I'm working on planning/plotting information for the novella we have to finish by June 30 and some forms for another story, and Anah's writing the synopsis for Ternion. Once that stuff is done, we're diving back into the writing. I hope to get it all finished tomorrow. We haven't been actively writing since... I think since we dumped 40,000 words of Ternion to start over.

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The snow is gone. Replaced by cold rain.

And I'm not sure which I like less. -.-

Tatterdemalion is out in print now. I completely forgot to mention it before, as it happened while I was Away visiting Anah. You can find it here.

I have lots of good news...but I can't share it yet. I should be able to tell all by the time the May newsletter comes out, though, so I think I'll share it there first—since that's kind of why folks sign up for the newsletter in the first place...well, that and the free stories—and then post here. :) If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here.

In other news...

Being a fan of SpyFi shows and movies, I watched the first episode of CHAOS a couple days ago. Or, well, I watched the first part of it. I know pilot episodes of TV shows aren't always reflective of the quality of the overall show (ER, anyone?) but... eh. I'll stick to Burn Notice (and Bruce Campbell!) for my SpyFi fix for now.

Did anyone else watch it and have a better opinion? I'm willing to be convinced to try again.