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Running Behind

But things are getting done!

If you're not on our newsletter list, you missed out on some spiffy announcements yesterday:

We've already shared that Carina Press will be publishing Runaway Star and in the process allowing us to restart our planned Pandora Project series. We've also got a new editor at Carina, the fantastic Deb Nemeth, who has already given us some great ideas for how to make Runaway Star a stronger, more engaging story.

And our super-spiffy editor at Samhain, Anne Scott, has accepted Pit Road, the series of short stories we've rewritten as a novel. We're looking forward to working with her on it to make it the best story it can be.

What else? This coming Sunday (June 19), All Work and No Play will be released from Amber Allure, kicking off our new Dear Lake, Michigan short story series. I'm finishing up going over the galley right now (you knew I had to be procrastinating on SOMETHING to be writing this post, right?).

I've started a new job, and my schedule is completely different, so we're still settling into a new writing schedule. Which is why there was a gap in the Write to Work posts. But we've gotten started on that again, thanks to Anah.

...I think that's it.